Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia..

was formed to fight for regulation and reform in the Boarding Kennel and Cattery Industry due to 5 recent Dog deaths in NSW

and 1 in Queensland. 

Too many pets are dying, becoming ill, or go missing from Kennels or Cattery's around Australia.

In 2017 we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !
Sadly, given the NEW SPOTLIGHT now shining on the Pet Boarding Industry some of the great facilities names out there will be tarnished by the poor business operators in the short term. 

This is unavoidable. 

Let the Boarding Kennel and Cattery Industry now be on notice!

Thanks Jayne Cvetanoski - Australian Animal Advocate

Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia  - 2017

Currently in NSW Boarding Kennels are not being properly overseen.
We ask for Animal Welfare agencies like the RSPCA to get more involved in the Kennels and undertake some inspections.
Kennels in NSW at the moment only have to adhere to local Council DA guidelines.
The NSW DPI ( Dept of Primary Industries) have a NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 5 - Dogs and cats in animal boarding establishments, although it covers a lot this Code doesn't appear to be being followed by all establishments.
Call now for a Standard Code of Practise to ensure a Standard level of care for animals in all Animal Boarding Kennels.
A Registry also needs to be established to record any animal deaths in the Boarding Kennels across NSW.
This Registry will allow for some peace of mind for animal owners and ensure accountability of the Kennels.

Recently in Newcastle NSW - there have been three  dog deaths.
Baron the Greyhound and a Beagle died at a Fullerton Cove Boarding facility.
Baron died from complications relating from Heatstroke, his grieving owners are waiting on his Autopsy results.
Baron's owners other dog Charlotte was also at this facility and she thankfully is recovering from her own ordeal.
The Beagle's cause of death has not been formally reported as yet.
Another little dog called Annie was killed at a Boarding Kennel at Cooranbong.
Annie was mauled to death.

Another two dogs died in other NSW Kennels.

COSTA the Boxer died in a Kennel in the Armidale NSW areaon Jan 2nd 2016 from heatstroke.

HANS the Rottweiler died on Dec 22nd 2016 in a Kennel on the South Coast of NSW.

And RUBY the Boxer died in Queensland.

The owners are devastated over their pets deaths.


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3/ NBN News Video update 2/1/17


 1/ Newcastle Herald Jan 3rd 2016 - 

Anger at three Hunter boarding kennel tragedies..

2/ Statewide calls for tighter controls of boarding kennels.

3/ Online haters add to dog owners' grief over boarding kennel death at Cooranbong

Note : The NSW DPI ( Dept of Primary Industries) have the following NSW Animal Welfare Code of Practice No 5 - Dogs and cats in animal boarding establishments, as do the PIAA who have their own guidelines..


RIP to Baron the Greyhound - the unnamed Beagle, Annie the Bichon Frise- Hans the Rottweiler -Costa the Boxer and Ruby the Boxer.

Note : I am waiting on more information on the Beagle that died at Fullerton Cove. 

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