BARONS STORY - Newcastle NSW Australia

BARON died whilst in the care of a Kennel at Fullerton Cove NSW Australia. RIP Baron..

Here is Baron's owner Nathan Wilson speaking out about his beloved dogs needless death.

December 29, 2016  It feels impossible to write this and equally as difficult to say this out loud.

Yesterday afternoon we were told Baron had died.

Or as the pet boarder owner put it when we went to collect him, "your dog is dead".

This news was delivered in front of my 11 year old son who immediately burst into tears.

The staff said that they had checked on our dogs 15 minutes ago and that they were fine - this was a lie.

With the help of some friends Barons body was taken to the vet.

The vet tells us Baron had been dead for hours. The vet tells us that Baron died of heat stroke and dehydration. 

How is this even possible? Why didn't my dog have adequate water?

Why wasn't my dog kept cool in summer?

Why didn't they look after them? 

On arriving home Charlotte collapsed on the floor - also suffering from heat stroke.

We poured cold water over her and covered her in wet towels.

We sat with Charlotte for hours hoping she would be ok.

We spoke to the vet and he said there isn't much they can do in cases like this. 

This morning has come and Charlotte has made it through the night.

Charlotte is sleeping and is inside in air conditioning, hopefully we caught her heat stroke in time.

Thank god we went a day early to pick up Baron and Charlotte as we would have certainly lost her as well.

The next few days are critical for Charlotte and we are praying she gets through it. 

Baron was a healthy 3 year old dog when we left him in the care of Jane's Pet Resort at Fullerton Cove. Now he is dead. 

How can dogs die of dehydration and heat stroke at a pet boarding facility? Where is their duty of care? 

This morning when they open I will call the RSPCA and Port Stephens council.

We have left Janes Pet Resort a voicemail but have heard nothing since. 

Dean and I are so worried about the other dogs in the care of this facility especially given the expected temperatures this week.

We do not want another family faced with the sadness we have to endure because of this businesses negligence.

We trusted them with our dogs, with our babies.

The boys have been robbed of their special friend and my heart is broken and riddled with guilt for leaving our 4 legged kids in the care of this facility. 
We fear our dogs will not be the only casualty over the Christmas boarding period at this facility. 
These pets are people's family, their children. I can't believe it. 
This is not acceptable and this place needs to be investigated. 
I'm so sorry Baron.

       ANNIE'S STORY - Cooranbong NSW Australia

Animal Boarding HORROR.
Meet little Annie who was killed whilst in the care of a Boarding Facility at Cooranbong.

Info via her owner.
On the 23rd December 2016 we left our 2 dogs in the care of a  kennel in Cooranbong. 
The female owner put our two dogs in an enclosure next to a bigger enclosure that housed a large dog & a Jack Russell. 
The Jack Russell immediately came to the wire and started barking incessantly & our 5 year old dog, Annie, barked back continuously. We explained that in the 43 years of owning dogs we had never used a boarding kennel & if the problem continued we asked her to let us know & we'd come back & pick them up.

The female owner said not to worry because if it continued she'd move our dogs as there were 2 spare kennels.

I rang the owner late the next day & she said all was fine. While Annie was reticent to come to her she quickly came after her sister Tashi got some attention.
At 8pm on the 28th December I got a phone call from the male owner of the kennel to say our dog was dead.

He had to interrupt our conversation to find out whether it was Tashi or Annie that had died. I was distraught.

We packed immediately & drove 4 hours to collect our second dog, not totally sure which dog that would be. 
The owners told us that Annie & the Jack Russell continued to bark at each other & it was apparent that Annie was very unhappy. After 4 days of this Annie spent time cowering in the corner with fear.

So the female owner finally decided to move our dogs. 
Unsurprisingly, if her memory is sound, Annie nipped the owner, though she couldn't show us any marks.

Then not bothering to get something to protect herself with or to ring us up or move the Jack Russell, she told us that she told Annie, "Well just stay there then".

To us this is an uncaring & vindictive thing to do but she openly admitted it to us.
Sometime later that day the Jack Russell got access to Annie & ripped her throat open.

When we saw the hole that had been made through the common fence it looked to have been pushed in from the Jack Russell's side & we think he pulled Annie part way through the hole before killing her and leaving the hole blocked.

That is the only thing that makes sense as he didn't try to kill our other dog.

The Jack Russell didn't have a mark on him.
We are devastated & our other dog is lost without her big sister.

The thought that Annie was traumatised for days & then cruelly killed in front of her sister is too much to bear.

We were going to take them with us until the last week. 
Sadly we thought they would be happier together in a kennel having fun with the other dogs.
RIP little Annie xox

                  HANS STORY - SOUTH NOWRA NSW


Meet Hans a gentle family Rotty who died on Dec 22nd 2016.
Three days before Christmas 😞 

This is what i can tell you at the moment about Hans and how he died at a South Coast Boarding Kennel.
Information supplied by his grieving family.
6 Yr old Hans died by death by bloat (GVD)
His owners were told that Hans hadn't pooped for a week, wasn't checked for 12hrs (6am-6pm) & found dead. 
Hans's owners weren't notified Hans was constipated for a week, & the kennel didn't seek any vet care.

RIP Hans 😞

                 ARIA'S STORY - Queensland 2006


This is ARIA'S STORY and it comes from the year 2006 at a Queensland Kennel and Cattery.
This is her story as told by her still grieving owner .
My horror story happened in North Maclean Queensland, over Christmas 2006. 
I boarded my two beloved 9 year old dogs (kelpie X littermates) at a Kennel and Cattery for a week while we travelled to ACT for Christmas and a family wedding. 
Apparently my girl Aria climbed the 8ft kennel wire fences (repeatedly and across several courtyards and into the central hall) and also went missing during a storm on the first night. 
The individual kennel courtyards were open at the top. 
When they found Aria/or she returned not sure which, I understand the male kennel owner was frustrated and put a length of heavy chain attached to her collar to slow her down and stop her climbing.
Well, I think it was on 26th or 27th that they found her hanging dead from the top of the kennel fence where the chain had caught.

The kennel had my mobile number but did not call me. 
When I returned to collect my dogs several days later, I learned first that the man had made a 'fatal mistake', also that the kennel owners had buried my girl next to their old dog in their garden.
I was utterly devastated and howling.
I asked why they had not called me and was told 'they did not want to ruin my holiday'. 
It was also obvious that my boy dog was not himself. 
As soon as I got home I called my vet, who advised me that my boy dog would be in shock (and he was happy to check him over no charge), also when I expressed my dismay at Aria being buried at that place where she had died, and which I never ever wanted to go back to, that as owner I could have Aria dug up and brought home, which is what I did. 
I had Aria exhumed, cremated and her ashes brought home. 
I only realised afterwards that Aria's usual collar had a broken clip fastener (plastic click in type) and believe she probably broke the clip on one of her earlier climbs so the kennel owner put one of their metal buckle collars on her with the heavy chain, which of course did not give way when she was hanging from the top of the fence. 
Needless to say, the vet and anyone else to whom I told my story, was shocked at the poor decisions made by this kennel owner. 
I did not take any action against the kennel owners because I was not coping with the loss of my girl Aria, the distress of my boy dog (he lay on the floor and whimpered for months) and I was aware the man had gone through heart surgery earlier that year, plus they were obviously upset about what had happened. 
I just could not bear it and comforted myself with being close to my boy dog and with composing a song for Aria and holding a little service for her when we buried her ashes in our garden - knowing she was at home with family. 
From photos on the kennels website, it looks like the courtyards now have covers. 
However, I was very happy to sign the petition about reform in this industry as I agree wholeheartedly that there needs to be much better training, standards, and monitoring of those standards.

Afterall, our pets are part of our families and precious.


Meet Jess.
Jess's story comes from January 2015 when she was one of the many poor innocent dogs that were KILLED in the catastrophic

Tea Tree Gully Kennel and Cattery fire.
Pictures supplied by her mum who misses her pup everyday.. the nightmare never ends :(

Please read and share.
On the 3rd of January 2015 at approximately 8.30-8.45am, Tea Tree Gully Boarding Kennels and Cattery (referred to as ‘’the Kennels’’) suffered an unprecedented loss of ~45-60 dog’s and cat’s lives, as the result of a fire which swept through the premises during catastrophic bushfire conditions, aggregating since the 1st of January 2015. 

Neither one of the proprietors was present during the fire, nor would it seem they were there in the hours immediately preceding the incident, with the property effectively abandoned before the authorities’ emergency warnings to leave or stay and defend. 

The whereabouts of Mr Hicks are unsubstantiated: according to some accounts he was volunteering as a fire-fighter with the Paracombe Country Fire Service (CFS) and returned to the property upon hearing that it was ablaze; in another account from his Paracombe Fire Captain D Hutchins, Hicks fled from the property with “his pants and top on… no shoes… he had nothing.”

Media reports also place Mrs Hicks at the property and having to similarly flee, yet it has been substantively established that Mrs Hicks was in the USA upon an extended trip with younger daughter (13), leaving just Hicks and elder daughter (16) to run the Kennels during its busiest and most potentially dangerous time of year. 

With Mr Hicks assumedly out fighting bushfires, the only person left to tend to the ~85-100 animals’ welfare on the 2nd of January 2015 would have been the 16yr old daughter. 

At least two verified parties attempted to engage with the Kennels in the immediate hours prior to the fire, but reported the property to be in total darkness with no signs of activity, which speculatively rules out anyone being present at the Kennels on the night before the tragedy. 
The Facebook page of Tea Tree Gully Boarding Kennels and Cattery continued to post reassuring updates of the animals’ welfare and rebuttals for owners to collect their pets, citing confident guarantees that evacuation would ensue if necessary; these posts continued until 6.04am on the 3rd of January 2015. 

These established facts and Hicks’ constant rejections towards accepting evacuation assistance for at least 24 hours before the fire necessitate urgent inquiry into the onus of care on the part of the proprietors, and criminal liability for abrogating such.

Contrary to his media remarks, Mr Hicks removed his two favourite dogs from the Kennels prior to the fire. 

One year old Jessie as pictured above died at this TTG Kennel and Cattery.
Her death was needless and HORRIFIC!

On the 3rd of January 2015 at a time unknown but thought to be 8.30-8.45am, fire conditions described as “catastrophic” destroyed some of the buildings at Tea Tree Gully Boarding Kennels and Cattery.

The incinerated buildings included a kennel housing smaller dogs, the cattery, and the residential home. 
A newer fireproof brick kennel housing larger dogs was spared from the flames – this would have been the ideal environment to temporarily accommodate all of the animals, to have given them a decent chance for survival. 
The sprinkler system, pump, pool and dam had also apparently been left unused.

The low-grass area – again unused - would have been more than adequate to save all of the animals’ lives.
All of the Hicks’ farm animals in this area survived – a fact untold to media amid the lies that Hicks perpetuated, of losing all of their own family’s animals. 
Most properties surrounding the Kennels were left largely unscathed due to residents’ efforts, with the exception of Tea Tree Gully Boarding Kennels and Cattery. 

JUSTICE has not been served as yet over this tragedy, we hope that one day it shall be!

                                 RUBY'S STORY

This is RUBY and her story as told by her mum..
Ruby is a 4 yr old Boxer and a much loved family member.

UPDATE  - very sadly Ruby passed away on Saturday January 14th 2017.

She never recovered from the Heatstroke which had caused significant issues within her body.

May she RIP.

Hi, our boxer dog Ruby is also critically ill with heatstroke at the moment and we are not sure if she is going to make it. 
She suffered this on New Year's Day 2017 at a boarding kennel whilst we were interstate. 
Whilst I am appreciative that the owner of this kennel is also upset, and tried to help us by visiting Ruby and keeping us up to date on her progress as we drove home, it has been very disappointing that she has since refused to admit any responsibility for Ruby's illness. 
I feel that this lack of accountability needs to be addressed. 
As far as I am concerned Ruby was in HER care, 100% healthy when we left her. 
This lack of recognition for her role in this terrible situation is not acceptable.
Ruby's mum tells ..we have been to see Ruby this morning Jan 7th 2017 - at this stage it is still a waiting game however we are all hopeful. 
As day care centres need to be accredited, relevant processes and practices also need to be applied to kennels both to prevent these situations from happening, and to support and protect animals, their families as well as the kennel owners (who might generally mean well but in these types of situations it's not enough!). 

Ruby's mum asked me to keep her confidence about the name of the Kennel and its location.
If she chooses to reveal that information oneday - i will update this story.
I thank her for telling Ruby's story and im sure we all wish Ruby a full and speedy recovery.

                    COCO'S STORY 2014 Queensland.

This is COCO's story as told by her mum.
This happened in December 2014.
Please read and share.

Coco’s story... 
On the 4th December 2014 we left our 2 dogs both Maltese Shihtzu Sami (Boy) 21months and Coco (Girl) 19 months at a

holiday inn at Toogoom QLD.
We then left to go to Brisbane to leave on a cruise on the 5th December for 2 weeks. 
When I left the dogs I explained I would not be contactable every day but would check my messages every second day.
On the 17th December I received a message from the owner saying that Coco was Missing, after speaking to her for a while I realized Coco went missing not that day but 11 days earlier on the 6th. 

After a long conversation and her not taking any responsibility I was told by her, and George’s ( another dog) owner that this was the way she got out.
On the December 6th - Saturday about 5pm she let our 2 dogs out into the run for them to do their business and then fell asleep on the lounge leaving them in the run. 
She awoke when the phone was ringing with another family picking up their dog George.
(George is a big dog)..
Since she had locked up her house, she decided to take George out through the back runner area which has a gate to the area where the car park was, the owners of George came through that gate and by this time she had realized she had forgotten to put my babies away, I believe Sami was barking and making a big noise being in an area with a big George. 
The owners got George to sit while they tried to pick up my 2.
She picked up Sami but couldn’t get Coco. 
The owners thought it would be better to remove George from the area so they took him through the gate, when Coco saw the gate was opened she run straight under George’s legs and out into the unfenced yard.
The owner of George tried to chase her around the house but Coco went into the bush. 
They apparently called her but she didn't come out. 
George and his owners went home telling her to call us to let us know ASAP. 
We went straight to the kennel to collect Sami and have a look and call out to Coco.
The Kennel owner screamed at me saying that it was not her fault and we can’t blame her. 
I still believe she didn't contact the pound, any of them.
She didn't know we have 2 refuge centres in Hervey Bay. 
I asked if she put food and water out and she said no but she left the outside light on. 
She called the vets to ask if she should call us or not ( the vets story is a little different he said she asked what she could do to locate Coco). 
She said the vets and her decided not to call us as it would ruin our holiday. 
If she would have told us earlier we could have had someone collect Sami and go looking for Coco but since we were 11 days late she could have been anywhere. 
We have smothered Face book, put an ad in the paper, put flyers in about 150 houses close to the premises and both my husband and myself went into the bush where Coco was last seen.
The bush is so thick it was hard for us to walk in. 
We called the neighbour (She gave us the number) and asked if we could do a full search of the property with some helpers and he would not allow us to go on his land. 
We went to a solicitor to see what we could do,
We sent her 2 letters but she wouldn’t accept any responsibility saying she had a waiver that stops her from being liable and threatened us. 
We decided not to follow through with the solicitor as it wouldn’t bring Coco back and it was too upsetting to my children, 7 months later they still cried at night. 
We have tried to do what we can to bring her home and I believe she didn’t do enough to help her when she got out. 
We have had a story in the paper about her and how my kids still cry. 
I keep putting it on COCO'S STORY Faceboook as much as I can in the small chance she got out of the bush and someone will recognise her. 
One thing is we don’t have closure.
We don’t know if she’s alive or not. 
We don’t want this to happen to anyone else but in reading other stories it seems to be too many families losing their family members. 
We have to regulate this before this happens to more families.

In Jan 2017 poor COCO REMAINS MISSING- have you seen her?
She is microchipped and was wearing a collar at the time she went missing.

                       HONEY'S STORY NSW 2016

As told by her owner..
My dog HONEY was checked into a NSW kennel for 5 nights last Thursday 29th Dec 2016. 
When we picked Honey up tues morning, she was covered in dry crusty mud. 
She was that distraught in her ordeal she didn't sleep for 36 hours 😢
Not very happy with that but i wasn't there to say anything to the owner. 
So we gave her a bath and discovered several hot spots. 
1 major on the underside of her neck, 1 on each front leg, 1 on each rear leg. 
Trip to the vet. Antibiotics, steroids and antibiotic cream. 
Back to the vet today as major hot spot on her neck is so sore that she hasnt been able to lay down and sleep for over 24 hours.
I rang the kennel to advise and was basically told she didn't like him so he couldn't get close enough to look at her. 
I questioned if she had got wet somehow and he said there were clam shells of water that she might have played in. 
I said she wouldn't have as she doesn't like them and is petrified of the hose. 
I since saw a video on facebook that the kennel posted and i could see my dog in the background with mud down an entire side of her body but totally different to what she came home with. 
I can only assume she was hosed clean and not dried. 
She is in an absolute mess and is really freaked out and traumatised. 
She cowers and trembles and is still in some pain 😢

HONEYS NEWS STORY -  Jan 17th 2017.

                   VALI'S STORY  VICTORIA 2015

This is VALI and her story as kindly shared and told by her owner.
VALI'S STORY comes from the year 2015.

I want to share my experience of boarding my beautiful little dog at a country club in Victoria. 

Whilst it isn't the worst story it has permanently impacted my girl and I'm furious that this man continues to be allowed to operate with the stories I have since heard.

My girl was booked in for a 24hr stay from the 10/7/15 - 11/7/15. 

I only wanted her to go overnight but David (the owner) convinced me she would cope better if she had time to adjust before the evening.  I told them she wouldn't eat their food and I'd pack her meal and treats. 

When I arrived to pick her up the next morning I could hear them calling and calling her so I told them to just open the gates and let her come to me. She ran straight to me and was terrified. 

When I put her leash on her she started backing up and fighting the lead which she had never done before. 

When they gave me her bag I saw all her food and treats were still in it, I asked if she had eaten and I was told she hadn't. 

When I got her home I noticed she kept lifting her back right leg and kicking at her belly. I massaged her back and legs and this ceased.  I took her to the vet to check that there was no long term damage done to her leg.  I called David and asked him what had happened as she had clearly got injured and he replied that she was fine and had run around all day. 

The next morning I was checking her more thoroughly, as she had remained leash reactive and was scared of going through doorways when I stood near them (again a new thing), when I saw a bruise on her sternum. 

I rang David again and I was very upset and asked if they had cameras so I could view footage of what had happened to my girl.

He told me no and if I was concerned about my dog I should go to the vet.  I told him that I was very concerned about the level of care she had received and as he wasn't answering my questions about what had happened to her and how this had occurred that I was left with serious concerns regarding his business. 

David started to become quite aggressive on the phone.  I ended the conversation and took Vali to the vet. 

The vet stated that it was possible that the bruising had occurred by her jumping up and hitting herself on something. 

When I mentioned what had occurred to a workmate, they told me he had previously been in trouble with the RSPCA for using shock collars on dogs but had changed his business name so no one would know it was him when they did a google search on the boarding kennels(I will attach links to articles backing this up). 

After learning this I rang the RSPCA and reported the state my dog was in when I picked her up. 

They said they would do a visit to the kennels.  I heard nothing more.

In 2016 Vali went to her chiropractor and I asked him to look at her neck.

He told me she had significant old damage to her neck and the only time I can think of that damage may have occurred is during her stay. . I have since heard many horror stories regarding this establishment and I hope some of those people will also contact you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing to protect our furry loved ones.

Regards, R.

Here are to NEWS STORIES about the owner of the Kennel where Vali stayed.

              MILLIE'S STORY  NEWCASTLE NSW 2016

This is MILLIE she is nearly 11 months old.

MILLIE'S story as told by her loving owner.
I dropped Millie off at a Fullerton Cove Pet Resort on the 28th December 2016 
which I think is the day that the first dog passed away.  

I'm horrified about what I have heard today. 

I had a feeling in my stomach that something was wrong so I'm so glad we picked her up early. 
The gates were locked when we came to pick her up. 
She was coughing and snotty and breathing really fast. 
I took her to the vets the next day and found out she had kennel cough. 
She's immunised against the worst case, but my dog is so small and she lost weight while she was there. 
She's on antibiotics now.


This is SULLY.
Check out his before and after pictures.
He spent time at the Fullerton Cove Kennel where poor Baron and another unnamed Beagle died recently.

Here is what SULLY'S owner writes.
I urge anyone who still has a pet or know of someone who has a pet at Jane's Pet Resort to arrange collection of your pet as soon as possible. 

I collected my two English staffies yesterday after they had been in the facility for 10 days and had to take them both to the vet today due to illness. 

My 4 year old boy had lost over 2kg, was wheezing and was very lethargic. 
He was diagnosed with a significant respiratory infection which the vet said would have taken at least 4 days to have developed into thick suffocating mucus like what he is experiencing.
We think we have caught it in time before it had further developed into pneumonia. 

My girl lost over 1kg and has the start of the infection. 

My dogs are fully vaccinated, young adult, healthy, happy dogs before they commenced their stay. I called during their stay to check how they were doing and was told that they were fine.

However once I picked them up it was very obvious that my boy in particular was really not well. 
I questioned his behavior and was told he was fine when we checked him. 
The same crap response the other poor pet owners received.
They only then decided to tell me that there was another dog in the facility with kennel cough and that my dogs 'might be infected'. 
This virus is highly contagious and while most dogs get over it some can develop potentially deadly infections like mine if left untreated.

I am one of the lucky ones who has not had to experience the tragedy of losing a pet this time round but it could have been a different story if i hadnt collected them when i had and if it wasn't for the awareness that has been created through this story.
Again please arrange collection of your pets as soon as possible and get them checked out by your local vet.

My heart goes out to you and your family Nathan Wilson. 
Rest in peace Baron you beautiful soul. 
We believe your story has saved our dogs life. 
Thank you 🐶

                       KENZI'S STORY NSW 2014

This is Kenzi's story from 2014.
Please read and share for awareness!

Kenzi's story as told by her owner..
We took our girl to a Lakes Boarding Kennel NSW back in 2014. 
Our girl spent three nights there while we took a rare holiday. 
The Place came recommended however turned out it was under new ownership. 
We had a friend visit her there while we were away to check up and she made recommendations to them about their conditions as the dogs were sleeping in mud due to the sleeping areas not being elevated enough. 
We arrived early (a few hours) to collect her and when we got there we were shocked at the state she was in. 
She smelt like a sewer pipe and she was not herself at all.... really clingy and sad. 
They washed her while we waited and we noticed she had some sort of sore on her neck. 
We pointed it out and they said it looked like a hotspot and tried to give up tablets and told us not to bother with the vet. 
I took her to the vet the next morning (they were closed when I picked her up) by which time there were more sores forming over her stomach and the rest of her body. 
I did not give her the medicines, instead gave it to the vet. 
The vet prescribed creams, tablets and in the end did a biopsy and found that there was a bacterial infection from the flood waters they took her through and left her wet after. 
I have pics of her there and have attached a pic of her stomach. 
She had to be shaved. 
The vet filed a report with the health department as well. 
Overall an awful experience, my girl has never been the same, we don't really take holidays ever as I won't leave her with strangers if avoidable and a vet bill just over 1k. 
I warn others who consider this place.

                                                                                                                      BUDDY'S STORY NEWCASTLE NSW

BUDDY'S STORY.. as told by his owner.
Hi Jayne, thank you so much for your call to action about these pathetic people who run these horrific boarding kennels. 
I am actually one of the lucky ones as we still have our beautiful Buddy boy who is very excitable nearly 3 year old Labrador. 
We have boarded Buddy at a JPResort in Fullerton Cove Newcastle NSW many times and Buddy always seemed very excited to see the owners and I guess like so many other people we trusted that he was being well cared for, how wrong were we!!! 
During one particular stay last year it was suggested that the male owner (S) of the Kennel could do some extra training with Buddy as he has a very dominant and excitable personality and likes to do things Buddy's way. 
We have had training with Buddy from a wonderful trainer (M) from Bark Busters since he was 5 months old but we thought it couldn't hurt to try something new. 
To this point we had never met the male Pet Resort owner (S) as his wife (J) had always picked up Buddy from our home and dropped him off. 
When (S) brought him home and showed us the training techniques he used he said Buddy was "a crazy dog". 
I did not get a good feeling from him, but thought no more of it. 
The next morning when my partner went to feed Buddy she raised her arms to throw something in the bin and Buddy cowered in fear and then ran off. 
He had NEVER exhibited this kind of behaviour before.
He did exactly the same thing later that day when he was in my office with me and I lifted my arms up to pick up something off a shelf. 
My partner and I thought straight away that he has been hit. 
We called our trainer (M) and discussed this with him and he said "dogs don't lie" and he believed that Buddy had been mistreated as well. 
I called (J) straight away and told her about Buddy's behaviour since coming home and she reassured me nothing had happened to him. 
She even called me back the next day to check he was OK and said she was puzzled as another dog that was in a run near Buddy had started exhibiting the same behaviour but she could not explain what had happened. 
The female Kennel owner appeared to be genuinely concerned about Buddy and sadly we believed her. 
We didn't know what to do and Buddy seemed completely fine after a day or 2 and she was so convincing that we actually sent him back there on one other occasion. 
I now feel sick to my stomach and soooooo guilty that we sent our beautiful boy to this horrible place. 
We even actually had him booked in there for a few days starting on 16th January and the first I knew about what had happened to poor Baron was when i was texted me to say they couldn't look after him as they were closing the business. 
The more I hear about what has gone on at this Pet Resort the angrier I get and the more guilty I feel and wonder what did they do to our precious Buddy. 
But as I said, we are very lucky as we still have our beloved pet, so many others don't 😞 
We actually took Buddy there as we had issues with another boarding kennel in the area. 
I found the man that runs the place was quite rude to me on one occasion, admittedly it was my fault as we went to drop off Buddy when they were closed for lunch and I had forgotten. 
However every time we left him there he seemed to lose an awful amount of weight. 
He is a lab and they will do anything for food, so I can only guess they weren't feeding him properly. 
I am now so worried to leave Buddy anywhere that I feel like never going away again unless he can come with us. 
I am willing to help you fight for reform in any way I can. 
I hope my story helps even though we don't have any actual evidence of what happened to Buddy at this local Fullerton Cove (JPR) Pet Resort. 
Good on you Jayne for standing up for poor defenceless animals, they need people like you. 
Regards, SW 🙂

                      CHLOE'S STORY - Victoria 2009

Back in 2009 we had a very bad experience with a Kennel in Yarrambat, Victoria. Our 2 dogs were there for 3 weeks.

When I picked them up and we got to the car Chloe starting coughing. 

Didn't think much of it, but as we were getting closer to home I immediately thought "kennel cough".

I went straight to the vet to get her checked out as she was having trouble breathing. 

The vet confirmed a severe case of kennel cough and loss of weight. 

(She had been at the vet for check up just prior to going to Kennels)

It was such a bad case of kennel cough that she had to take two dosages of the antibiotics.

The thing I am most upset about is they did not notice it was so bad. They noticed it one day and that was it!

They also don't believe in doing anything about kennel cough!!!  My vet could not understand this response.

  Also in the Kennels response they advised if vet attention was needed I would be billed.

Well obviously. It was like they were saying, we didn't call a vet to save you money!

Imagine if she was there for another week, l mightn't had brought her home!

Below is the reply from the Kennels:

Dear D, I have received your email dated July 28th 09 in regards to Chloe. 

Canine Cough is an annoying upper respiratory virus that can affect dogs when they are exposed to others who may be carriers.

Every dog that boards with us is vaccinated against Canine Cough although this vaccination does not prevent contraction of the virus.  The reason the vaccine is given at all is to lessen the severity of the virus if contracted. If there was no incubation period of the virus it would be easy to control, but given the fact that the incubation period is anywhere between 5- 10 days, clients admitting dogs for boarding would be innocently unaware their pet was brewing a virus, as would we.

Our literature states that we are not responsible for Canine Cough. There are many levels of severity which can be obvious or not obvious with this virus. As indicated to you by phone after Chloe had returned home, there were notes on Chloe's file to indicate she had coughed a few times on the 6th July.

I personally saw and spoke to our kennel attendants the next day to see if the coughing had continued with Chloe and assess her health.  There had been no more episodes on the 7th or thereafter. 

That is also sometimes the workings of this virus, it can be quite disguised.

Other symptoms that we look for are: loss of appetite, lethargy, and vomiting of bile, all of these symptoms along with a cough are true signs of canine cough. At no point after the 6th July did Chloe exhibit any of the above mentioned symptoms.

In my opinion the only oversight we made was at the discharge point when Sarah did not see the notes on the screen advising that there was a day when Chloe had coughed, I do apologise for this, as this is most unusual.

If the virus had developed into more, our procedure would have been to notify you or your contact.

Please understand that canine cough is not a life threatening condition, injections are given to prohibit any secondary infection.

Many vets including a personal friend, believes canine cough should go untreated.

By allowing the virus into the system, it then creates more of a resistance for future exposure.

You will be thinking that I am suggesting Chloe did not have canine cough, I believe that she must have been incubating the virus, but really showed no obvious symptoms while here except for one brief moment.

It is in no one's best interest to not treat a pet who appears unwell, and we are certainly not in the habit of doing that. We do have a huge duty of care and this responsibility is viewed as paramount.

Firstly we do not want a pet to be unwell while here, it makes their stay miserable.

Secondly, from a clients point of view we do not wish to send a pet home that is unwell as you will not want to use our service again. Thirdly from a business point of view, we want clients to return, so there is no sense in deliberately not treating a pet or advising owners of unwanted situations.

If Chloe had been treated by a vet at the kennels, there would certainly have been Veterinary bills attached to the boarding account, which you as the client would be responsible for.

Chloe had been bright and energetic during her time with us, her appetite was healthy, and she showed no signs of lethargy. Reiterating, apart from the one day on the 6th July when Chloe had coughed a few times, there was nothing more to report.

A phone call to advise you of this seems an unnecessary interruption to your break.

Good sense prevails in the decision of reporting or not reporting. This one I believed was not necessary.

Sincerely , Proprietor LM

C Kennels and Cattery


Newcastle NSW Australia .. this is SCOOBY'S story and it comes from October 2010 

Scooby's still distraught owner writes..
My poor dog was killed in a Newcastle Kennel.
I had left her there whilst i went away for the weekend.
Scooby was a Kelpie and to this day we all still miss her.
Her death was horrific and needless all due to having been attacked by a Great Dane.
The owners of the Kennel in question had left my poor girl and the Great Dane alone whilst they were eating.
After my dog had been badly attacked the owners of the Kennel sent her straight to the NAEC.
But she was PTS before i could be notified of what had happened.
When i got home, all i got was lies and not much else other than lots of "sorries".
"I was horrified when they justified my questioning by saying "well we paid your medical expenses". 
The pictures from the NAEC that i have of her injuries are horrific reminders of what happened to her.
But as you can imagine at that  time i was not in a great place, and i regret to this day not taking my dogs death further.
Sincerely Scooby's mum.

The owner has kept quiet about this for quite some time. Her dog should not have died.

The kennel involved here in 2010 is reputable and known as a "good one".

Check who you trust your pets with....

                               COSTAS STORY nsw

This is COSTA's story.
Costa was a gorgeous Six and half year old Boxer who recently died after getting ill during a stay in a Kennel in the Armidale area of NSW.

This is his story as told by his grieving family.
Costa went into the Kennels on Christmas Eve 2016.
Whilst he was in the Kennel he somehow developed heatstroke.
He was taken to the vets and was there for 2 days before he died on the 2nd January 2017,
We were not notified that he was at the Vet, and knew nothing about what was going on until he died and the kennels contacted us to say he had passed.
RIP dear Costa xox

Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia.

                   BATINA AND ONIONS STORY

This is little Batina and Onion's story. Their story comes from 19th December 2016 in a Kennel up around the Ballina NSW area.

The kennel was HEAVILY booked at this time and the kennel staff were obviously run off their feet. 

I dropped my 2 small dogs off at a local kennel for a short 1 nights stay. 

They had previously stayed 4 nights earlier in 2016 at this kennel and the owners were familiar with my pets requirements.

They were all previously documented and refreshed again when I dropped them off this visit. 

My smallest dog is a tiny black female chihuahua her name is Batina and she is extremely small, not much larger than a guinea-pig, just standing slightly higher. 

The kennel has fixed wall water bowls which are much higher than my dog can reach so I asked for a water bowl to be provided on the ground, as I had on the last visit. 

It was summer but not extremely hot. 

My dogs hadn't stayed longer than 24 hours when I collected them. 

On arrival to their cage, there was thick yellow bile vomit over the bedding that I had brought with them to stay. 

The owner quickly removed the bedding from in front of us and washed it off. 

There also wasn't any water bowl on the kennel floor as i had asked, so how had my dogs been drinking?

At the time I couldn't tell which of my dogs had been ill.  Obviously as it was bile it was NOT the first vomit. 

On the 30 minute drive home my dog was crying out on my lap  (at the time I didn't understand she was begging for water!!!) 

We got home and she rushed straight to the water bowl and drunk and drunk and then vomited up water everywhere. 

She was lethargic and not herself but I was really lucky!!!  Had their visit lasted more than 1 night I would have lost my baby.

I will never board my dogs again!

Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia.

Jayne Cvetanoski

                                                                                                                              ABBIE'S STORY from 2003

This is Abbie's story and it comes from 2003.

Here her mum writes... Abbie our cat was around 1 year old when she was boarded in a cattery for 3 weeks back in 2003. 

I did a site visit before I boarded my cat to make sure the facility was clean and tidy like what it was advertised.

Although it was such a long time ago, I still remembered how horrified I was when I went to the cattery to pick her up. 

I stood in front of the cage, wondering was it really my cat? 

She was so thin that she didn't even look like my cat. 

Her behaviour was very different from her usual self, like she didn't recognise me or was depressed.

I didn't think too much about it because my guilt of leaving her there made me think that she must be very mad at me leaving her there for so long, and that had caused her to lose her appetite, and she would be ok when she got home.

On the night I got home from the cattery, I fed her with her favourite food but she refused to eat. 

I knew something was really wrong. 

Then I recalled that the food bowl at the cattery was still full when I picked her up, and she probably didn't eat for a number of days. 

I took her to the vet and was horrified to find out that she lost almost half of her weight and was in high temperature due to infection.  She was sick for a week, God knows how long she had been sick for during her stay at the cattery but thankfully she recovered and now enjoying her golden years at the age of 14. 

Since that time, I'm too scared to even consider putting any of my pets in kennel or cattery.

This North Western suburb of Sydney NSW facility now has a (Gold Star) accreditation. 

There has been at least 1 death and a few more other cases mentioned about this facility.


Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia -

Jayne Cvetanoski

                                                                                                                                    HOUDINI'S STORY

This is HOUDINI'S STORY ... 

In December 2011 we moved from Queensland to Bunbury in WA for my ex-husbands work.

His work arranged all our relocation including the Cattery which is located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane which our cats

were to remain in for about 4weeks.

At the time that he left our care Houdini was a healthy young male.

However, over that 4week period the cattery which he was placed in let a large abscess develop on shoulder.

They did not try and contact us to advise us that he was injured or sick.

When we finally moved into our house at the end January we advised my ex-husband work contacts to arrange the flight and delivery of our cats.

When they arrived, Houdini was sick, had lost a lot of weight, could hardly walk and had a large abscess on his shoulder.

I immediately took him to the vet, and after an X-ray the vet advised me that the abscess had eaten into his shoulder bone and he had to have his leg removed right to the shoulder.

He had surgery the following day. I contacted my ex-husbands work and basically demanded that the cattery cover the vet costs  Which they did, no complaints at all.

Houdini is now about 9yrs old (but uncertain of his age as he adopted me and not the other way round) I got a call from my kids one day to say that there was a strange cat asleep on my bed.

He had somehow managed to get inside our closed up house and go to sleep on my bed I estimate he would have been about 6mths old.

This is how he was named Houdini I love my grey little man, having 3 legs hasn't made him unhappy.

We were lucky we still have our boy, some aren't as lucky..

Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia- Jayne Cvetanoski

                                                                                                                            ANNIE'S STORY - 2013

This is ANNIE'S story from 2013.

The Kennel in question is in Sydney NSW and they have a few other Kennels in other states.

ANNIE’S STORY FROM 2013 as told by her mum.

It was an odd case, my dog at the time was 13 yrs old and had been bitten by ticks several times before and came very close to death two of those times. 

Annie was picked up from our Vet and taken to a well known kennel that was located in tick territory - we thought she was going to their other location. 

During the middle of our trip, we got an email from my aunty that Annie had died from a tick bite even though she was supposed to be treated for them. 

We don't have any details about her death other than that. 

I personally believe that she was tick treated then bathed making the treatment in effective. 

Not only were we devastated but our vet was also upset with how her death was handled, as he had no idea that she had died until we told him. 

He told us that he wished the kennel had at least notified him of what was going on, and had taken her to him for treatment. 

I still don't understand why there is a kennel located in well known paralysis tick territory especially when housing older dogs. 

I'm not sure if the dogs are checked after being outside and I understand that it would be time consuming but from living in tick territory, that's just what you do for preventative measures. 

We had to wait about a week until we were able to pick up our dog's ashes. 

It was incredibly heart breaking, we dropped her off to a trusted vet and trusted kennel that we had used before (her accommodation cost more than ours!) and we picked her up in a box. 

We couldn't even rush over when we found out she was sick as we were in Fiji with no means of communication (we actually got a bunch of emails backwards first saying she was sick, then critical, then that she had died.) 

These places most definitely need more policies and regulation. 

As pictured . ..this is our Annie with her little rabbit friend Luna. 

She taught our rabbit how to use the doggy door!

I've always felt like we never got any type of closure regardless if it was their fault or not, it could have been handled so much better!  P.

Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia - Jayne Cvetanoski

                                                                                                                                   OLLEY'S STORY 2011

This is OLLEY'S STORY from July 2011.
This Kennel is in the Logan area of Queensland.

Hi I would like to share the horror story that our baby Olley (Jack Russell Terrier) endured while staying at a Kennel in the Logan area of QLD in July 2011. 
We visited a number of kennels prior to selecting this Kennel for the friendly staff who said all the right things on the day of inspection. 
They showed us the facilities and they appeared nice and clean. 
We checked her in on 9 July at which time the staff commented on what a fit and healthy little dog was as she bounced in with so much enthusiasm for her new adventure. 
We bought her own bed, kennel, jacket and food with her. 
I had her food frozen in portions so it would be fresh on a daily basis however I was a bit concerned when they just sat it on the bench. 
I questioned it and confirmed that it needed to be in the freezer and taken out daily and they said that is exactly what they would do (in hindsight I don't believe this was done). 
We settled her into her pen and she seemed fairly happy.
(I think I was more worried about leaving her than she was about me leaving).
We left her jacket in her pen to be put on of a night as it was the middle of winter and very cold. 
We had no word from the kennel while we were away and assumed all was good. 

When we arrived to collect her on 16 July she was very subdued (she normally bounces off the walls and ceiling to see us) and her flanks where hollowed in and she just seemed generally unwell. 
When we gathered her things her jacket was missing! 
We searched for awhile trying to find it in their washing machine (suggested by them) why I don't know as we were collecting her that day. 
They insisted she had it on that morning and they had taken it off for her walk (which we'd paid extra for her to have a walk each day but I now doubt it happened). 
We eventually found her jacket in another dog's pen who had been wearing it as it was covered in it's hair (different to Olley's).
By this time I was extremely angry and just wanted to get the poor baby out of there as the night before we collected her was a particularly freezing night and I just needed to get her out of that hell and didn't want to hear anymore lies. 

We were only home for 30 minutes and she started vomiting and so we took her straight to the emergency vet. 
She had been vomiting bile and watery froth and was severely dehydrated which indicated that she had been vomiting for quite some time prior to getting home. 
She was hospitalised and put on a drip. 

We followed up with her regular vet who did blood tests and an ultrasound and she was put on a prescription diet to help bring her liver enzymes back to normal. 
This all took about two months to resolve. 
The vets opinion was food poisoning and my guess is they didn't end up freezing the portions of food I had given them.
They either gave her the food that had been in the fridge for a week (and who knows how long it sat on the bench before being refrigerated) or she was fretting and not eating so they left her old food for her to eat rather than give her fresh daily. 

We contacted them to let them know what had happened and they didn't want to know about it. 
They said it was something we had given her when we got home. 
We had given her nothing as she was not interested in food as she was too sick to eat. 
Their answer to her not having her jacket on was 'yes she did, it was just mixed up when it was taken off'.
I say NO... it wasn't as it had the other dog's hair on it. 

Our baby did survive her ordeal.
But the poor little girl was very sick for weeks. 
And I never put her in a kennel again.

Olley passed away in September 2016 and she is very sadly missed.
I have tried to warn people from making the same mistake as us. 

Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia - Jayne Cvetanoski

                                                                                                                                  BANDIT'S STORY - 2013

BANDITS STORY from August 2013.

Hi I have a horror boarding kennel story.

Our dog Bandit a Jack Russell terrier was boarded at a Kennel in South West Sydney NSW.

Whilst we were overseas we received a call to tell us he had passed away.

He was only 7 years old.

On questioning what happened the stories were mixed, so we investigated with the help from Camden council as the RSPCA were not interested.

Bandit was put in a cage next to a pit bull terrier.

The area had a gap under the fence, so they put a bucket of water in front of the gap.

Bandit managed to knock the bucket over in a scuffle through the fence between the two dogs.

He then put his head under the fence and the pit bull grabbed him by the neck dragging him under the fence where he was found dead the next day.

This pit bull did not come from the area.

It had offended before and was a known dangerous dog by its local council and the owner had never declared this.

The council seized the pit bull which was ordered to be put down.

There is negligence by the owner of the dog and the kennel in this case.

Of course this is a quick story of what happened, but it took weeks to get the full truth out thanks to our local council.

The boarding kennel were never held accountable.

But they never provided a safe place for our dog and should have been held accountable!

Bandit was a gentle dog a great companion to our other Jack Russell named Billy who has never been the same since witnessing the attack.

Billy was depressed and pining for months after losing him.

There should be some form of standard code of practice as if this was the case in 2013 I would still have my beloved Bandit.

Boarding Kennel and Cattery Reform Australia-

Jayne Cvetanoski.

                   JENNA'S STORY  August 2016

This is Jenna's story from August 2016 as told by her mum.
In August 2016 we left our Kelpie 'Jenna' at a kennel in the Southern Highlands for about 10 days.
After picking her up on 23rd August we noticed she had sores on her back with a honey-like discharge & a sore tail.
She also had a very high temperature of 41 degrees.

After weeks of tests it was discovered she had a bacterial infection called Pseudomonas.
Which in clinical studies was found in dogs following water immersion or exposure to grooming products.
Jenna contracted this after being bathed at the kennel.

Jenna was on very strong antibiotics.
Her tail had to be amputated. 
The infection spread from her skin to her joints & finally her belly.

Four months later Jenna lost the fight.
Jenna died on 21st December 2016 - she was only 4 1/2 years old & didn't deserve to suffer the way she did. 
We are devastated.

RIP dear sweet Jenna taken way too soon and so very needlessly.

              BEN AND SOFIES STORY W.A 2008

This is Ben and Sofie's story.
These two dogs spent time in the Malaga - W.A Boarding Kennel and Cattery in 2008.
This Kennel has the Shire of Swan Pound Contract as well as being a Boarding Kennel and Cattery.

This is their story told by their mum..
In 2008 we got two dogs (one from S.A.F.E and one from the Animal protection society).
Our dogs had been vaccinated against kennel cough. 
We were offered free tickets to Sydney for the Papal visit but only had a couple of weeks to plan our dogs care. 
With some hesitation I called Julie's Boarding Kennels and Cattery thinking after so many years since we got our dog TAMA from there in 1995 that they would have improved or had maybe changed hands? 
However, they were able at fairly short notice to have our dogs housed, so i booked them in for 4 nights. 
I was given very strict instructions that I was not to enter the office and to wait at the door on arrival and ring the bell. 
Eventually someone came let us in and I gave my dogs Ben (kelpie cross) and Sofie (chi cross) over to them in the office along with their treats and blankies.

We then went to Sydney.
On our return home we went to get our dogs. 
They were delighted to see us and we went home. 
Just after dinner Ben began to make choking sounds and at first I thought maybe he had found a stray chicken bone and nicked it from the table! 
He hadn't though, but he was very distressed and wheezing. 
So I called our local vet at Mirrabooka - Dr Tony. 
He checked out both our dogs and said it was kennel cough.
He placed them both on immediate antibiotics.
And both dogs had return visits for another check. 
I told him I was confused since they had their shots!
He told me if a place is not hygienically managed it can harbour kennel cough and this is how they got it.
When I mentioned it was Julie's he rolled his eyes and said "don't ever go there again".
I rang Julie's and they said it was my fault that the vaccines were not given with enough time between them staying.
The vet disagreed 100%


This is the story of Merlin and Petey, two very much loved and sadly missed Schipperkes.

This is their story as told by their mum.
We had checked out this Kennel which is in the Lake Macquarie area of NSW and believing everything to be ok we then left our two dogs in their care whilst we went on holidays with some family.
Two days into our holiday in Fiji we received an email from the Kennel asking us to please ring them.
So i did.

I was then told our youngest dog MERLIN aged 8 yrs had got out and been run over.
I found this all so hard to believe as there was 5 LOCKING GATES before you even reached the Dog enclosures.
I told the Kennel i would get someone from our Vet clinic to come and pickup MERLIN's body and also pickup Petey our older dog.
The Kennel then said to me " that wouldn't be necessary and Petey could stay on for free until we got back".
I said " definitely not - he's not staying with you".
Then i contacted our Vet Clinic who found the whole story unbelievable.
One of the Vet nurses then headed immediately over to pickup MERLIN'S body and also Petey.
Our Vet nurse was refused admission into the Kennel and it took another phone call from our Vet for them to give her access.
Further phone calls made by me from Fiji to the Kennels went unanswered.

My daughter and friends then took to facebook, yelp and various other animal related sites telling people what had happened.
On our return from Fiji i phoned the Kennel and was threatened with legal action, defamation, loss of business etc, due to the social media publicity.
Most of the pets in the Kennels care had then been removed.
Other news of pets getting ill filtered through to us.
All the reviews on yelp, etc were removed except the good reviews made by the Kennel owners.
We are all blocked on their facebook page.

Petey meanwhile was being spoiled by everyone at the Vet clinic but he became ill and wouldnt eat, drink or sleep, walk or show any interest in anything.
We took him on play dates with other dogs, you name it we tried it for him.
We spent thousands on Vet investigations but little Petey just faded away.
Who knew what he went through.
Out of respect we had Petey euthanised and he passed away in my arms.
We got little Petey as a rescue at 4 months old, he had been kept in a cage.
Petey went everywhere with me, work, outings, even local playgroup where he was passed around like a teddy bear. 

My two dogs were tough, healthy dogs and loved by everyone.
They were brilliant dogs and are very sadly missed and loved each day.

                         JUDDI'S STORY -QLD 2016

This story comes from QUEENSLAND June 2016.
Juddi's mum writes..
Sadly we had our family pet in this kennel last June however he died whilst there and the response I received from the Kennel was both deceitful and disgusting. 
I contacted the RSPCA but nothing more then a report was taken. 
I also spoke to a local vet who reported that they knew of 4 deaths from May - July 2016 from the same kennel. 
How do these people get investigated so it doesn't keep happening? 

This is the story of our dog Juddi a 6 year old Ridgeback.
After two days of our beloved dog being at a Darling Down Kennel we received a phone call to say that he had suffered a seizure, that he was up and running around, however was in need of a vet and wanted to check to see which vet we used. 

Strangely, they contacted me rather than my husband and the story they gave us didn't make sense. 
We acted quickly and gave them the details and they said they'd take him straight there. 
We waited an hour without knowing what had happened when we contacted the kennel, the owner stated that he didn't know anything and that it was best we spoke to the vet. 
We contacted the vet and this is when we found out that he had passed away. 

We were devastated and couldn't understand how this was even possible he was fit and healthy and only 6 years old. 
We were so upset we opted out of having an autopsy and tried to process what had happened. We had the support from our local vet, who was amazing throughout this difficult time. When I met with them to discuss what had happened and how he presented on arrival to the vet I was told that in their opinion he had been dead for some time, he appeared to have died on his bed, many hours prior to being brought in. 

The young girl who dropped him off gave incorrect details to the vet which delayed them in contacting us and they were informed that our dog was about 15 years old and had suffered a heart attack. 
None of which was true or discussed with us. 
Whilst it cannot be 100% confirmed, It is believed that he died of bloat and would have been ill for hours prior. 

This same vet shared information (confidentially) regarding other dogs that they had treated that had also been harmed whilst staying at these same kennels and some (4) between May and July 2016 that had passed away, also from bloat. 

I contacted the RSPCA and reported this kennel along with the local council but nothing happened, in fact they said that without specific evidence they could not help. 
When we spoke to the kennel about this, the story changed multiple times and did not match what the vet was originally told.

The owner then questioned when we would be collecting his lead and let us know that we could come in for a further chat however this did not eventuate and we have not heard from them since. 

This leaves questions in our minds as to what may or may not have happened and casts a shadow of doubt over the quality of care that is given at this establishment. 

Someone needs to be able to investigate these people to stop this from happening again.